Thousands of steps are needed to produce delicately fruity Riesling and full bodied Pinot Noir. To confine oneself to the bare essentials in both vineyard and cellar requires great knowledge.

Behind all these aspirations are real people who do their utmost to reach this goal.


Our work in the vineyard and cellar requires a lot of manual labour and passion. Day after day.



Reiner Flick was given the advice by his parents to rather study something useful. However, he has always known that viticulture is his true calling. With tenacity and courage he has turned the wine estate into a recognized producer.



Dirk Bohnensack has been cellar master in this wine estate for many years. He ensures with his North German tranquility that the wines resound in memory. In his free time he likes putting on a record …




Adrianna Felczerek is the soul of our dispatch, the centre of you international shipping logistics and the heart of our wine shop. In her free time traveling is her passion.


Philipp End is a prospective master winemaker, in charge of all machinery in the wine estate and only reluctantly parts with his tractor.




Hüseyin Demir has been responsible for all manual labour in the vineyard for over 20 years. From pruning to harvesting: nobody knows the vines better than him. 




The senior manager has been close to the customers in our wine shop for many years. Together with her husband Joachim she has laid the foundation for the wine estate. Also in her 8. decade she continues to be an asset and helps wherever she can.




Without our many seasonal helpers from Poland and Romania, we would not be able to manage the meticulous work in the vineyard, especially during the grape harvest … they deserve our utmost respect and deepest gratitude!




Horst, our dachshund, is the jester in our wine estate. Especially when things do not go as planned ...